Ayurvedic Health Counseling is an in-depth, friendly, holistic look at your life. Through each consultation,  major health concerns will be addressed, I look at diet and lifestyle habits, and from there, recommendations will be made to empower each client to bring themselves back to a state of wellness.

As my commitment is to help each client re-establish or help to maintain health, I only see clients who are willing to do the Introduction Month. Ayurveda is a dynamic process and it’s important that whatever I recommend, I am able to track its progress. This requires me to meet with clients more than once. Most recommendations are not suitable for all circumstances or forever. Their purpose is to get you back on track.

Another absolutely critical part of our journey together is a daily journal. When I meet with clients, I give them access to a HIPAA compliant, Google Drive folder that will have a daily journal in it and space to upload any pictures, medical tests, etc. The daily journal is the best way for me to track my client’s lifestyle in a more real-time way and I will be able to make comments on the journal so that they can make changes on the fly. All of my clients have found it to be a very fruitful endeavor and it allows me to practice more skillfully knowing how each clients lifestyle shows up day-to-day.

I am currently working under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor and am working with a team of practitioners remotely. With your permission, my teacher and colleagues will also be reviewing your intakes and follow-ups. This framework allows for a more robust and thorough management of various health conditions. You will be asked upon booking an appointment if you’re willing to work within this framework. 

Meet and greet call (15 min) – free!

This is where clients and I talk and get a sense of if this is a good fit.

Introduction Month – $220

The Introduction Month is where everyone begins. I have found this structure is the best use of time for my clients. The intro month includes the following:

  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs – 2 hrs) – In the beginning! First, I have clients fill out an intake form prior to our first meeting. During the Initial Consultation, I will have reviewed the intake form and then go in depth about what is going on and how to get clients back on track.
  • Daily Journal tracking (I will check these at a minimum once a week) – In the Daily Journal format, clients write down the times that they do various things throughout the day (I explain in person). In the journal, clients and I can leave comments for each other. I think of the journal as mini-consults. It allows me to track clients in real-time and help them adjust their routines better.
  • 2 follow-up consultations (30 min – 1 hr consults each) – Two weeks after the initial visit I meet with clients and have a more in-depth check in about the changes that have been implemented and alter anything that is necessary. At the end of the month, there will be another follow-up to talk about next steps. I will suggest further changes to various protocols. I will discuss whether or not a monthly plan would be best or a seasonal plan would work (this is dependant on the condition and desire of each client). If at the end of the month, clients decide not to continue working with me, I will make sure any remaining recommendations will be safe for long-term use and/or alter any program/protocol I have given to make a suitable transition.

Basic Monthly Plan – $65 /mo

This plan will be billed at the first meeting of the month. There is no long-term commitment required. The Basic Monthly plan includes:

  • 2 follow-up consultations (30 min – 1 hr consults each) – Each consult, I discuss current protocols and educate around implementing/altering routines.
  • Daily Journal tracking (I will check these at a minimum once a week).

Comprehensive Monthly Plan – $130 /mo

This plan is for clients who need more comprehensive care. This plan will be billed at the first meeting of the month. There is no long-term commitment required. The Comprehensive Monthly Plan Includes:

  • Up to 4 follow-up consultations (30 min – 1hr consults each) – Each consult, I discuss current protocols and educate around implementing/altering routines.
  • Daily Journal Tracking (I will check these at a minimum once a week).

Seasonal Plan – $65 per visit (billed at the time of each visit)

After an Introduction Month, I find some clients don’t need to make many changes or follow herbal protocols that require constant tracking. These clients generally need to make a few changes each season in order to accommodate the seasonal transitions in a healthy way. This plan is generally suitable for people who want to meet every 3-6 months. The Seasonal Plan includes:

  • 1 follow-up consultation (1 hour) – This is a typical follow-up. An intake form will be given prior to the consult and I will look it over before meeting with each client.
  • Daily Journal tracking – One week before the consultation, I have clients fill out a daily journal so I can get a sense of where they’re at. This, along with the intake form, will give me a sense, prior to the consultation, of what is going on and that will allow me and the client to utilize our in-person time more effectively.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If these structures don’t work, I can usually work something out. If things feel like a good fit, I try my best to accommodate. In the future, there will be a monthly Community Ayurveda Clinic too. Stay tuned!

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I am not legally able to treat or diagnose disease. This is out of my scope of practice. However, I am happy and more than willing to work with other medical practitioners in order to help create a more well-rounded and inclusive path to recovering or maintaining your health.

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