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An Ayurvedic Health consultation is an in-depth, friendly and holistic look at your life. 

Each time we meet we’ll take a thorough look at your major health concerns. I will ask questions about your lifestyle habits and explain what I’m seeing and what might help from an Ayurvedic perspective. My only goal is to help you (re)discover a state of happiness and health. 

I am currently working under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor and work with a team of practitioners remotely. With your permission, my teacher and colleagues will also be reviewing your case. This framework allows for a thorough management process. You will be asked upon booking an appointment if you’d like to work within this framework. 

Introduction Package

Introduction Package


This is where we start

Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs) – Prior to our first meeting I will send you an intake form to fill out prior to our meeting.

1 follow-up consultations (45 min) – two weeks after our initial meeting, we’ll have a follow-up to see how things have been going and talk about next steps.

Daily Journal – prior to our meeting I will send you an online, HIPAA compliant, Google Doc where you can start to track your lifestyle habits. This gives me a better picture of your day-to-day life.




After Introduction package

Consultation (45 min) – A follow-up can be scheduled anytime after completing the Introduction Package.

Daily Journal – I will check these if they’re still being updated and make recommendations based off of what I see.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I am not legally able to treat or diagnose disease. I am more than willing to work with other medical practitioners.

If for some reason I feel our work together isn’t appropriate or proper responsibility for the process isn’t being respected, I reserve the right to cancel our working realtionships at any time.

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