There are many wonderful schools, teachers, and trainings available to the public. Here are a few that have affected my life in a positive way.

Yoga – 

  • Kripalu – Kripalu is a vibrant health and yoga training center, located in Stockbridge, MA.
  • Sivananda Yoga– Sivananda Yoga is a beautiful, traditional style of Hatha Yoga.

Tantra/Meditation – Kashmir Shivaism and Dzogchen

  • Jaya Kula – Jaya Kula is an alive, and rich spiritual community with centers located in Portland, Maine, and Oregon. Shambhavi Sarasvati is the Spiritual Director.
  • Dzogchen – There are many Dzogchen communities, but this is the one that my teacher, Shambhavi, trained in.

Ayurveda – 

  • America Ayurvedic Academy – A new Ayurveda School offering a more traditional approach to learning Ayurveda.
  • Kripalu – Kripalu, aside from having a Yoga school, has an Ayurvedic school too!
  • Ayurvedic Institute – One of the oldest Ayurveda schools in the country. Founded by the wold renowned Ayurvedic doctor and teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad. Located in NM.
  • Dr. Claudia Welch – Dr. Claudia is an amazing TCM and Ayurveda practitioner focusing on Women’s health.
  • Dr. Sunil Joshi – Dr. Joshi is a decades-long Panchakarma clinician. He’s based out of NM and Nagpur, India.

Books –