Understanding Doshas for Healthy Living

On January 18, 2020, I will be teaching a two-hour class at Yoga Kula in Berkely This class will focus on healthy living from the tradition of Ayurveda.

I’m super excited to be teaching at Yoga Kula. It seems like a very sweet studio and well, who doesn’t love Berkely!? I hope you’ll join me.

We will dive into the basics of Ayurveda and I’ll share some simple tools to help you maintain your health throughout the year.

It’s my hope that during this two-hour deep-dive, you’ll learn basic tools for integrating Ayurvedic principals and practices into your life to help you build health-promoting routines.

We’ll spend some time discussing the 20 guṇas or qualities that make up all of the manifest world.

We’ll talk about which guṇas have an inherent quality to come together (think the light, heat, and subtleness of fire) and how those inherent combinations create what we call the doshas.

We’ll look at what the doṣas look like in healthy and aggravated states and we’ll top off the class with an outline of basic Ayurvedic health-promoting routines.

I hope you’ll join me!

Make sure to check out Yoga Kula for all their great offerings!


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