No. Ayurveda in the U.S. doesn’t offer medical licensure. I have been trained through two different institutions, Kripalu and ĀYU Academy. These institutions offer certification, but no licensure is available.

Ayurveda is thorough and comprehensive. This means each time we meet, we need ample time to talk through your life and explain lifestyle changes thoroughly.

Depending on the protocol, expect to spend between $20-$40 on herbals formulations.

Typically, herbal formulations aren’t used for the first month.

Absolutely, Ayurveda provides health protocols for every stage of life. We can adapt any protools for elders.

Unfortunately, Ayurveda isn’t a licensed medical profession in the U.S., this means that we cannot bill insurance.

The methods of Ayurveda used in the U.S., if used appropriately, are generally safe.

Sometimes, a recommendation will be given that may cause some discomfort, this is actually a good sign. Through multiple consultations, recommendations that create comfort and discomfort are critically important for moving forward with health protocols.

Each person is unique. However, if you’re committed to the recommendations changes can be seen immediately. If you’re relatively healthy, I have found that generally after 3 months of regular consults, habits are more solidified and your health may begin to shift.

Absolutely, Ayurveda is a comprehensive healthcare system for the whole family.

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