Rates and Scheduling

An Ayurvedic Health consultation is an in-depth, friendly, and holistic look at your life. 

Each time we meet we’ll take a thorough look at your major health concerns. I will ask questions about your lifestyle habits and explain what I’m seeing and what might help from an Ayurvedic perspective. My only goal is to help you (re)discover a state of happiness and health. 

Ayurveda can address many health concerns safely and effectively; from chronic to acute, Ayurveda offers tools to help you to discover ways to maintain your health and happiness.

Ayurveda can skillfully address concerns with:
Physical Discomforts
Digestive Health
Emotional Disturbances
Food Allergies and Intolerances
Seasonal Routines
Basic Lifestyle Education
and much more!


I am currently offering discount Ayurvedic Consultations

$50 Initial Consultation

$30 Follow-up Consultations

The length of each consultation will vary depending upon the needs of each person. Generally, initial consultations are around one to two hours in length. Follow-up consultations are usually thirty minutes to one hour.

Each consultation will include an assessment of your current health, discussion of desired outcomes of an assessment, and health recommendations, which usually include diet, lifestyle and herbal protocols.

What You’ll Get

  • One-on-one, in-depth health assessment.
  • Detailed diet and lifestyle advice tailored to your needs.
  • Herbal protocols and custom herbal formulations tailored to your health concerns.
  • Support through all the ups and downs of life as you adapt to new health routines.

What People are saying

When I first met with Sada, I was nervous. I had never been to an Ayurveda practitioner and was concerned about changing my diet and lifestyle. With humor, patience, and an open ear, Sada extensively reviewed my daily patterns and made practical recommendations that I continue to follow a year after the intake. Who doesn’t like prunes before bed? It was a great experience and I’m much healthier because of it. Thanks Sada!  



Sada helped me center my body and mind through Ayurveda. With easy routine changes and dietary tips I saw a welcome change in how I felt, which was like a breath of fresh air. He has a curious nature and is always open to new challenges that were my multiple abdominal/pelvic autoimmune diseases. He continuously guided me when I had questions and needed his support. I highly suggest working with Sada. 



I enjoyed learning more about myself and health with Sada’s support. He is easy to talk to and his approach is down to earth. I also like how he has a guided and daily spiritual practice that supports his Ayurvedic practice. Consulting with Sada is like getting help with an ongoing conversation with nature! Thanks for your insight, Sada!



As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I am not legally able to treat or diagnose disease. I am not a licensed medical doctor or physician. I am more than willing to work with other medical practitioners.

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